Food Manufacturing Plant Relocation

For years, RMI Industrial Services, Inc.  has provided hassle-free plant relocation for industrial processing plants, and food processing plant relocation – although slightly more complicated – is no exception.

The same standard guidelines apply as with any regular plant relocation, such as relocation strategy, time frames, and budget.  However, the project management requires considerably more documentation.

Food processing plant relocation, specifically the transfer of food and beverage processing machines, is an intensive and important job.  That’s why all of RMI’s site personnel are trained to the high standards of hygiene required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

RMI Industrial Services prides itself in food processing plant relocation world wide, and our plant relocation experts are with you at every step of the way.  Whether you have one item of machinery or a whole factory to move, your food processing plant relocation will be done safely, promptly and efficiently to keep your production lines running.

When you trust your food processing plant relocation to RMI, you can rest easy knowing that this venture will progress smoothly from beginning to end. Our professional team of equipment movers includes engineers, operators and administrative staff offering complete service and technical support for all stages of relocation.  In fact, though a great deal of machinery is reused, RMI can help optimize your new set-up saving you long-term costs and giving your company a strong advantage.

So don’t trust your food processing plant relocation to anyone else, because RMI can ensure that you maintain the confidence in quality, efficiency and safety that your plant has grown to expect.


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