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Industrial Ventilation Stainless Steel

Before putting any industrial ventilation stainless steel systems (or any industrial ventilation system) into use, designers and users must understand their operation, and more importantly any and all health and safety issues.  RMI Industrial Services. Inc. recognizes this, and has provided those important points here.

Operational consideration for industrial ventilation stainless steel systems can be broken down into three main categories:  system testing, energy conservation and recirculation.

System testing simply means providing, and knowing the location of access points to the fan and motor in order to complete future system checks, i.e. voltage, amperage and speed.

Energy conservation should be incorporated into any design.  RMI is committed to energy consumption reduction and treats all  environmental issues seriously.  In the case of industrial ventilation stainless steel systems, life cycle costs have already been considered (stainless steel reduces corrosion related issues).

As for recirculation, industrial ventilation stainless steel systems use a large quantity of air, so replacing said air is vital.  Most processes highly discourage recirculating air that has already passed through the system, so know where the clean air is coming from.

Health and safety issues are equally important when installing a new industrial ventilation stainless steel system.  RMI is committed to a safe and comfortable workplace.  The important issues include: posting, noise, respiratory protection, emergency wash stations and hygiene facilities.

Posting – Consider posting the following at each entrance to ventilated space:



Noise – Make sure personnel is protected from hazardous noise.  Determine acoustics of the building

Respiratory Protection – Breathing air and air compressors must meet standards

Emergency Showers and eyewash stations must be provided where required.

Hygiene Facilities – Depending on the contaminants involved in the industrial ventilation stainless steel system, these nearby facilities can be as simple as a hand washing station, or a complicated as multiple clean/dirty rooms for asbestos.

Finally, since stainless steel systems are typically used in salt water (marine) areas due to the excellent corrosion resistance, make sure all employees in this region undergo marine/nautical safety training.

RMI Industrial Services realizes the importance of this information.  Understanding operational, health and safety issues for your industrial ventilation stainless steel system can avoid future problems, and more importantly provide the efficient, safe and comfortable working environment your company has grown to rely on.


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