Custom Dust Collector System

RMI Industrial Services supplies industrial dust collection systems for Southeast Texas. Working closely with manufacturers such as Donaldson Torit, we can provide custom solutions and installation based on your requirements. Our professional engineers can prepare and approve fabrication drawings, and our team of experts will walk you through the process beginning to end.

Dust Collector Systems

Welded Modular Pulse-jet Dust Collectors

Welded_ModuleWelded rectangular dust collectors, sometimes referred to as a bag house, offer excellent filtration efficiency for product recovery systems, large bin venting applications, and general nuisance dust collection.

Bin Vents

BinVentDustCollectorBin vent filters feature rugged welded housings and can be furnished to handle air volumes ranging from 50 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute. All bin vents are equipped with automatic on-line pulse-jet cleaning. Individual unit filter sizes range from 17 to 457 square feet of fabric.

High Pressure/ High Vacuum Dust Collectors

High_Pressure_High_VacuumThe CT(circular tank) series high pressure, high vacuum pulse jet dust collector is designed specifically for handling process systems environment dust problems with minimum attention and maintenance.

Cyclone Dust Collectors

The series of high efficiency cyclone dust collectors, have been specifically developed for applications requiring high efficiency large diameter collectors where special gas cleaning problems, such as high dust loading, severe abrasion, elevated temperatures and/or high pressures, and sticky materials are involved. Cyclonic dust collection systems reduce air pollution and recover products of value. They often precede a secondary dust collector for recovering less valuable, very fine dust.

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