Custom Ventilation System Fabrication

RMI Industrial Services will customize, fabricate and install an industrial ventilation system based on your specifications and requirements.  At RMI Industrial Services, we also prepare fabrication drawings and have the capability to have our designs approved by professional engineers.

Industrial ventilation is a method of controlling worker exposure to airborne toxic chemicals, flammable and solvent vapors, oil mists and dusts by exhausting contaminated air ways away from the work area and replacing it with clean air.

RMI Industrial Services and our industrial ventilation contractors can customize your new ventilation system or troubleshoot your existing system.

Custom Industrial Ventilation system

How can RMI help?

RMI Industrial Services employs expertise in industrial ventilation contractors through knowledge and comprehension of each type of ventilation: dilution and local exhaust ventilation.

  • Dilution ventilation uses exhaust fans or open doors/windows to disperse the contaminant, providing makeup air in its place.
  • Local exhaust ventilation utilizes fans to create a low pressure air system that “sucks” contaminated air from the high pressure work area.  Local exhaust systems have five basic elements: hood, ducts, air cleaning devices (occasionally), fans and exhaust stacks.

3 Tips about Ventilation Systems

RMI Industrial Services’ industrial ventilation contracts provide a few tips to keep in mind when working with ventilation systems:

  1. Ductwork damage:  holes, cracks, openings or clogs can all interfere with the ventilation.
  2. Proper airflow balancing:  sometimes the system can be inadvertently affected by adding new ducts or lengthening existing ones.
  3. Contaminant source:  Sometimes the contaminant cannot enter the ventilation system because the source has been moved too far from the hood, or employees have blocked, closed or modified the hood as it interferes with the work space.


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