Custom Table Top Conveyors

RMI Industrial Services can provide custom designed or off-the-shelf Table Top Conveyors that can suit your every need.  Each with strong leg frames, solid side frames, and durable components combined with an unparalleled RMI attention to detail that provides for quiet, smooth running, long lasting table-top conveyors.

RMI Industrial Services’ table-top conveyors can be used in several different applications including transporting, turning, merging, diverting or accumulating products. Our unique designs provide superior operating and maintenance characteristics, which fits perfectly with our goal at RMI to provide detailed attention to every customer giving them confidence and satisfaction.

How can RMI help?

RMI Industrial Services’ table-top conveyors are perfect for incorporation into more complex processes and well-suited for future plant configuration modifications.  Utilizing TAB chains, flexible belting, or other types of plastic carrying surfaces, our table-top conveyors are perfect for all food grade and wash down applications.

RMI Industrial Services’ table-top conveyors have recently utilized belting.   belts are made of plastic modules and assembled in an interlocked, brick-layed pattern, giving it an inherently strong design.

As a result, these table-top conveyors are easy to clean and repair, light-weight and energy efficient.  The new belting allows for longer lifespans and belts can be made in virtually any width or length, in various styles – and of course the industry-standard chain widths.

Another specific feature of the application to table-top conveyors is the specialized sideguard design, which is secured with plastic hinge rods.  This eliminates “gluing-on” or vulcanizing, which prevent peeling.  This is a huge advantage over other belts.


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